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Sierra Nevada Soap Company

1 - What is Soap?

Soap is made by combining an alkaline solution with animal fats or vegetable oils. Saponification is the scientific term for this reaction.  Soap molecules have tails which attract and suspend dirt in a lather so that it can more easily be washed away. 

2 - Is there Lye in your soap?

No, Lye is combined with water to create the alkaline solution that is mixed with animal fats or vegetable oils in a process called saponification to create a new substance called soap.  As the soap cures, a process in which the water evaporates from the soap leaving behind natural glycerin to protect, moisturize and soften skin. 

3 - What is the difference between your soap and and commercial soaps readily available at supermarkets.

Most commercially available soaps are made with animal fats and contain detergents, dyes, petroleum derivatives, preservatives, synthetic fragrances and other chemical additives.  We make our soap in small batches using 100% vegetable oils not animal fats.  In fact we don't use any animal products in our production nor do we test our soap on animals.  We scent with essential oil and color with herbs, spices and plant extracts to create a natural, rich, aromatherapeutic bar of soap.